How to Install and Setup App Lock for Android

Mobile phones are one in every of the most personal possessions anyone will have. With the introduction of smartphones, personal information are now most ordinarily stored in these devices. Since smartphones are terribly portable and easy to use, you've got to create sure that your phone's security is working to avoid anyone accessing your data without you knowing. App Lock (or App Protector) is a utility tool for Android that permits you to lock your applications and stop anyone from opening them while not a password. App Lock will provide added security for your phone.

  • Installing App Lock or App Protector
  • Launch Google Play. Tap the "Google Play" icon on your home screen or in your app drawer.
  • Search for either App Lock or App Protector. The initial app to appear in the list is typically the one. Tap it.
  • Download the app. Just hit Install to download and install either of the two apps onto your device.
  • Launch the app. Hit "Open" if you are still on the app's Google Play page. If you've left it, tap the icon of the app you downloaded on your home screen to launch the program.
  • Alternatively, you'll head to your app drawer and faucet the app's icon there.
  • You will be then asked to make a brand new password.
  • Produce a new password. Enter a 4-16 digit combination password.
  • Press "Continue" once you're done.
  • Verify the password you created. Enter the identical 4-16 digit combination you've previously set.
  • Set your security question. You would like to fill out 3 fields:
  • Security Question-Enter a question that will be asked in the end you forget your digit combination password.
  • Security Answer-Enter the solution to your security question.
  • Password Hint-This will be a clue given to you in the event you forget your security question.
  • Draw an Unlock Pattern. Connect a minimum of four dots to form an unlock pattern. Although this part will be skipped, it's strongly recommended to set it for extra security.
  • Faucet on "Continue." App Lock or App Protector can restart, and you'll be prompted to enter your digit combination password.
  • Select the applications you want to lock. To lock an app, faucet the toggle activate the right part of the screen next to call of the applying you wish to lock. The toggle switch will then amendment to a closed pad lock icon.
  • To unlock the app once more, tap the same toggle switch and it can modification to an open pad lock.
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