How to Use the AirDroid App on Android

AirDroid is one of the additional widespread apps to transfer files from Android to PC. It can do different stuff too. The options embody sending and receiving SMS/MMS from your PC, see your device notifications, and abundant more. It can even notice a lost phone, management the camera, and use apps. You'll also be in a position to transfer files to your laptop from your phone. You get the fundamental stuff for free. You will should subscribe to the service to induce everything. It's not perfect, but it works well.

  • ·         Make certain your device and the PC you'll be using for this method is on the identical network. Do this by matching the names on the affiliation on the device as well as your pc.
  • ·         Go to the Google Play Store. You'll do therefore by going to your App Drawer, and tapping the icon. You can additionally access it through the browser on your phone, PC or Mac.
  • ·         Type Kind “AirDroid” on the search bar. Tap the primary icon that pops up. It should be made by the developers Sand Studio.
  • ·         Tap “Install.” It should start downloading immediately, and obtain put in your device. Done!
  • ·         Go to the app list. Open it and faucet the newly put in AirDroid app.
  • ·         Read Scan through the intro screen. Once it pops up, browse through the items displayed on the screen until you reach the Connection Tab on the app.
  • ·         Get the IP address. Notice the second URL bar on the underside center. It will display an IP address with x as a variable range (it looks like this: http://192.168.1.x:8888).
  • ·         Enter the URL on your PC or Mac browser. Just open your favorite browser and kind in the address bar the IP address.
  • ·         Accept. Once the IP address is entered, an “Accept” or “Decline” toast notification should set out on your device's screen. Just faucet “Accept.”
  • ·         Click the “Files” icon on the app menu on your PC or Mac once connected. It will open a file browser resembling Windows Explorer.
  • ·         Drag and drop files. To transfer a file from PC to phone, head to a folder, and click “Upload” on the top right of the file browser window. It can open another window where you'll be able to simply drag and drop files you want from your PC. The app will then start to transfer files at a speed that can rely on the file size and your affiliation's quality.
  • ·         Click the “Messaging” icon. You will see this on the desktop of your AirDroid app in your browser. It will then open a window with all of your contacts listed on the left panel.
  • ·         Click on a contact and sort away. It's the same as Skype or any other messenger, and just as straightforward to use.
  • ·         Send the message. With AirDroid, you can send texts to your phone contacts minus the inconvenience of a tiny screen.